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Old 02-11-2013, 12:41 PM
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Thumbs up La Paz/Las Arenas Report 2/3-10/13

Our good friend, ďHawkĒ Davis, was able to sqeeze out some days on the fishing grounds in between wind to get in on the yellowtail bite we got this week!

Whale watching in Bahia Magdalena is going on full-swing right now in the bayís shallow warm waters where the grey whales spend the winter. Itís a great experience and weíll be running trips through March! Ask us!

We just finished our 4th Tailhunter Show of the season at the Portland Expo Center for a great show where thouands of folks showed up for one of the largest fishing and hunting shows on the west coast! We talked to hundreds of folks each day and got great visits from so many local friends like Amy and Belmond Mann who brought the family to say hi to us! This week we head to the Yakima Sun Dome in Yakima WA for the 24th Annual Central Washington Sportsmans Show from Feb. 15-17th. Come say hi and talk to us about your 2013 La Paz fishing trip!


Late week, winds finally settled down enough to make it comfortable to fish.

Earlier during the week, seasonal winds made it just too crazy for us to really put folks out on the water. Many folks this time of year, arenít hardcore anglers and are often folks just in town looking for a day on the water so itís often best just to just keep an eye on the weather so that we can put them out when itís calmest and they can enjoy themselves and get some action.

Honest, though, it it werenít for the winds, itís really pretty nice in La Paz with daytime temps in the mid-70′s and being in town is really enjoyable right now. Oh, and carnaval started this week too so town is hopping and it goes on through next week!

Anyway, time on the water was productive with a nice variety of fish and some solid action.

The appearance of yellowtail again was the most welcome part of the bite. These were some nice fish that ran 15-35 pounds! Real slugger toads with maybe even some larger fish breaking off as they often head right back to structure and the rocks. As I mentioned, many folks arenít big time anglers, and when some of these freight trains hit, you donít get a second chance to figure out what to do or make mistakes.

This is the same for the larger cabrilla as well as the pargo. First thing they want to do is head for home in the rocks and thatís often not very deep. So, thereís not much margin for error. When a huge pargo, hits if youíre still fiddling with which way on the fishing rod is up, youíre toast! I mean, thatís part of the fun. But, itís not like a tuna or dorado which might have a hundred feet or so of water beneath it to run or wants to rip off 300 yards of line on the uptake. Yellowtail, pargo, cabrilla and other ďrock fishĒ can often be in water thatís only 10 feet deep and dotted with reef and rocks! So any hesitation and the fish simply busts you off!

So, often counts would be better except that fish are getting lost.
That being said, we did get some nice yellowtail mixed with smaller cabrilla, pargo, sierra along the beaches and good numbers of bonito which provide great action.

Thatís our story!

Jonathan and Jilly

Fishing teaches patience, "catching" comes from learning patience....!
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