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Old 05-10-2009, 03:33 PM
fishordie fishordie is offline
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Default Super Seeker 6463 XXXXH

Super Seeker 6463 XXXXH

I got a chance to fish my Super Seeker 6463 XXXXH in its full length, about 6 ft. 10 inches with gimbal, combined with an Accurate 30 ATD. Many folks have heard the quadruple X is a telephone pole and best used on the kite. I have to humbly disagree. The lighter 1/3 top of the Super Seekers allow for more forgiveness especially for those of us using super short top shots. I have been fishing my Calstar 755XXH's for a very long time and have felt they were perfect for my style of fishing and they have been.... Until I got to fish the Quad XH. The extra length was great both in and out of my harness as well as combined with the Rail to keep the line away from the side of the boat and give a bit extra feel while getting the sardine into the zone. The rod, as in all of the Super Seekers I have tested or own, shuts off exactly where it should. The recoil the rod exhibits is awesome and certainly compares with my Calstars with just a bit more technical ability. This rod, though at present I only have one, will NOT be dedicated to my kite reel as it was the first rod I picked up when fishing bait. Certainly an ultimate kite reel but maaaan I loved it as a bait rod. The combination of the Super Seeker and The Accurate 30 ATD is a thing of beauty. To this fisherman the ultimate in big fish gear.

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Old 05-11-2009, 04:03 AM
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Thanks for the review Jamie. How much drag were you fishing?

Do you know how much is trimmed from which end(s) to reach the standard 6'3" length?

I'm asking because I have the standard length 3xh, and have been using it for 130-150, but haven't caught anything on it yet.
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Old 05-11-2009, 10:51 AM
fishordie fishordie is offline
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Hi Brad,

Nothing really trimmed as felt the characteristics were perfect in the full length. Don't remember the tip size but you can call Sal over at Bob Sands and he can tell you as they build all my rods for me. Like I said, we did not cut this rod at all nor would I recommend doing so except to accomodate a proper sized tip. I too have the 3XH and love it but I am using it with my Twin Spin 50 combined with my Thunder down under and Its off the hook great as well. Lots of tuna now being caught on that setup just NO cows yet.

As far as drag goes all my big fish reels are set up similar with about 28 pounds on my Accurate ATD's at strike and as you know I do not go into full strike immediately. I have the double cams in mine so I can fish unlimited amounts of drag however I rarely am over about 30 pounds of drag. The 4X can be fished with any reel that can put out easily over 24 pounds of drag at least in my opinion.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

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