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Default Local Tuna (WON)

A Challenging Week
Published: May 29, 2018

SAN DIEGO It was a challenging week for the offshore fleet. While the early week offered some decent conditions, folks arrived just in time for sloppy seas and reluctant tunas. Nevertheless the week did have its highlights, like the 3 jumbo bluefin the crew of the Tomahawk boated Sunday.

They were on the second day of a 2-dayer, after having sheltered in place at San Clemente Island the day prior when the morning tuna uprising kicked out 3 from 130 to 180 pounds. Capt. Jeff Spafford said they slid on a foamer for the first two and there were lots of fish to see down in the tuna grounds.

Their first day produced 140 or more rockfish for the guys, so there was meat on the table all the way around.

The Pacific Queen also tapped into a big one, an immense 190 pounder. But sloppy conditions from Friday on kept fish spotting difficult at best, with the bumpy conditions both hiding eyeball fish between the sets and meter fish behind interference generated by the pitching of the boat.

The Liberty posted one of the better kelp yellow counts, with 55 for 18 anglers Friday. Capt. Taro posted, "Two kelps pretty much made our day."

The best combo score went to the Tribute, which was fortunate enough to find 12 anglers ready to rock Wednesday when seas were calmer. Their final score was 5 bluefin and limits (60) of yellowtail.

A coastal drop in SST into the high 50s left local boats deep dipping the double dropper rigs for bottom biters once again. While results were enough to keep it interesting, they've had better bottom bites in recent weeks. However highlights included the Premier with 20, 1/2-day anglers teaming up for 130 cods Tuesday morning. The Mission Belle 3/4-day took 13 to nearly limits with 65 vermilion.
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