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Default 100 lb C-16 Small Spools

Hey, gang. You'll like this 16 carrier spectra for building topshots. I bought a 600 yard spool but don't need all of it. Diameter is a little larger than JB 130 lb Hollow. Not measured with a Micrometer but visibly and also by the feel. I tested a couple of insertions, comparing the C-16 100 to the JB 130. With a loop in 5' sections of each of the spectras, I inserted some Izorline 130 lb mono into each, about 3'. I did nothing to the end of the spectra, no knots, crimps or serves as I just wanted to test the gripping power of the spectras. After one pull and relax, the mono had slipped an inch out of the JB and only 1/4" out of the C-16. A few more pull and relax cycles and the mono slid right out of the JB but the C-16 was still gripping it very well. Perfect for 130 lb Izorline mono, Blackwater 130 lb fluoro or Seaguar Premier 150 lb fluoro.

Shipped, two 20 yard spools, $8.50

Other lengths available.

PM, text 760-937-2799 or email
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