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Old 10-18-2017, 04:22 PM
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Front Page Senor Tuna Charters - The Re-Birth

So, after numerous conversations with Mike B regarding the future of the Señor Tuna charters and a sprinkling of encouragement from El Jefe and a few of the members here, I have decided to jump into the charter master role and try to get a couple of these trips booked for next year. who knows if everything rolls the way I think it will we could potentially resume the entire schedule...

To begin I need to get a rough head count and preference of trip. I'm partial to the summer pelagic 2+ dayer but if the consensus is more of a winter rock cod/yellowtail trip then that will be it.

I should add that TB might show up to join us on some of these trips.

If you're interested, let me know I'll add you to the list, Meanwhile I'll resume discussions with Mike and Chris to see what dates they still have available.

If you have some photos from previous trips please feel free to post them. not only would it be really cool to remember some great times but for those that have yet to join us for a ST trip to get an idea of what this is all about!

Dennis Yoshii - Forktail
Kei Yoshii - (TBD)
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Old 10-23-2017, 11:46 AM
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Nice! Dennis, thanks for picking up the torch from George TB.
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Old 11-01-2017, 07:21 PM
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Thank you Dennis for taking this on!

I haven't fished in a very long time but I'll be looking to get out a few times after the new year. Definitely a rock fish trip as soon as it's on the schedule.
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Old 12-01-2017, 10:54 AM
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Is senor tuna still in existing web site, please advise??? Dannyboy
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Old 12-02-2017, 05:35 AM
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Originally Posted by dannyboy View Post
Is senor tuna still in existing web site, please advise??? Dannyboy
Yes, it still exists (otherwise this thread would not exist), but traffic has fallen off.
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Old 12-03-2017, 05:36 AM
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The low post count is happening everywhere. Anything that costs big bucks is fading. I used to be fairly active here, but being able to afford a long range, old age catching up to me, and not living in the general vicinity of SD has put me on the back burner. I still drop in once in a while to see what's going on, and read the reports, but that's about it. All the LR stuff sits in the corner of the office gathering dust. The driving force behind this board was always George, but since he moved to Oregon things have gotten pretty quiet... I hope new blood will fire things up again...
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Old 08-01-2018, 07:44 PM
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Red face Danny boy

Yes, I’m definetly interested in fishing trips, please advise?? Danny
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