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Default Sept 2016 Pacific Star

I went on the Sept trip with a few ST members and a lot of open party passengers. I got a call on Wednesday that the Capt. wanted to leave early, like 7:00. I arrived at the landing around 4:00 PM on Thursday – we were able to board as soon as we checked in.

We started Friday morning at the Tanner Bank. Shortly after we began trolling, the boat stopped when all four lines were hit. Bonita. We threw bait and caught some more. We tried a few more times to troll, but quit because every time, the bonita hit the lures and stopped the boat.

We anchored up mid-morning. A couple yellowtail came aboard, along with a few big sheephead. Mid-day we took off for Clemente. We were hoping to get an evening tuna bite, but that didn’t happen.

We started fishing jigs just before the sun came up Saturday. Three big bluefin were caught- the largest taped at 93 lbs. That was it for tuna.

We caught a few rock fish in the afternoon, then stopped for a couple more yellowtail and some calicos. We tried again for the evening tuna, but had no luck.

We anchored off Clemente for dinner, then headed back, getting to the landing around 7:00 on Sunday.

Even though the trip was really open-party rather than ST, it was a good group of people. There was a showing of Zombeavers the first night, and not one but two giant piranha movies were shown. The movies got rave reviews.

I didn’t get a tuna or a yellowtail. Still had a good time.

As a wise man said: “If your phone didn't ring, you didn't get sick, the beer was cold and the group was warm....that was a good trip.”

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Thanks for the report, Russell! Bummer there weren't more bluefin caught.
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Zombeavers and giant pirhanas always make for a good time.
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