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Old 09-05-2017, 12:54 PM
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Front Page Cedros 8/28 - 9/01 2017

Started planning a trip to Cedros with what's left of my Darkside brothers and a few like minded friends over a year ago. Hazman stepped up as the Charter Master and took care of ALL the details. Everything went like clockwork. Jose Angel has built and improved the COA Lodge and operation and you should expect to grab your gear and paperwork and just let the Baja Magic take over. Don't sweat...don't fret.

Breakfast, box lunches and crazy good dinners were prepared daily by a beautiful kitchen staff of Juanita and Fatima. They also made the rooms and linens spotless every day after we set out fishing. Hot showers every evening (except one when the pilot went out. It was fixed immediately!) Juanita and Fatima were just so cool and took great care of us.

We met up at Brown Field in San Diego and parked the trucks there. We ended up parking in the wrong area and if not for my wife and the Bar "Landing Strip" owner Brandy...the trucks may not have been there when we returned. MAKE SURE TO GO AROUND TO THE RUNWAY SIDE OF THE BUILDINGS AND PARK THERE!!!.

We then boarded vans and headed across San Ysidro and got our visas. No sweat...took 15 mins for 12 guys. Drove to Ensenada airport and went through the check in and baggage weigh in. Easy Peasy.

I called shotgun and rode down in the co-pilot seat with our pilot Juan Carlos. 2 hour flight and he was on the money the whole time and was very skilled and professional. He put it right on the numbers at Cedros. I kinda wish he had used a little more runway though. The cliff on the approach end is....errrr....sporty!

The plane at Cedros

We loaded our gear on the Cedros limousines and sat back for a cozy air conditioned voyage into the lodge.

We were able to get out Monday afternoon for a couple of hours and picked up a few calicos. It was windy and the pangero, Balaan didn't understand we only wanted to fish Calicos the whole week and was leery of getting us close enough to structure to make it work. We had a little chat later and this would change everything.

Tuesday morning we headed out at 0600 and went to the North end of Cedros to what Carl and I called Jurassic Park. Big wind, big swells, 20+ degrees colder , fog, blackness....absolutely gorgeous. I didn't get many pics as it was too rough to stand up. We came back South just a bit to get out of the gale and found a slightly protected boiler and by this time Balaan knew he only had to drive the boat and get us close. We would do the fishing. He told us later most of his clients have to be babysat with tangles, backlashes, rock and kelp. He was comortable leaving us to our own and just drive the boat. This allowed us to get close enough to slide the baits down the rock faces and be "In the zone"

It worked. 8.8 on the scale right away!

We continued to pull quality bass out of here until our arms just quit. 3#-5# were just filthy here and we quit at about 80 fish. Carl kept 5 for vacuum pack. All other CPR.

Wednesday morning Balaan wanted to head North on the other side of the island. We were met with similar conditions. Cold, windy, kelpy. We drifted at 4.5 knots. We managed many calicos 3#-5#. I was able to snatch this one on an ahi deception. 4.6 lbs.

We then headed North a bit more to an offshore high spot with bigger bass. MUCH bigger! No pics here ;-)

809 wrapped by Akuhed and Shimano TE

Fishy brought his beautiful wife Donna down and she celebrated her birthday with us. Juanita and Fatima created a gorgeous birthday cake with an appropriate "Candle"

I found a piece of tackle that fishybuzz did NOT have.

He really wanted it.

It was a great week and COA is just too wonderful for words. 100 fish bass days are doable with great quality bass. Other boats went offshore and caught limits of yellowfin. Others targeted yellowtail. Other WSB and halibut. The lodge is magical. Jose is improving it as we speak. I definitely will be going back as long as my body allows.


Maybe some of the others can post their stories and pics too.....

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