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Old 07-08-2013, 06:37 PM
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Front Page ST 2.5 day aboard the Pac Star *JULY 4th.* (Addition to CASTMASTER report)

This is an addition to cast masters report.

I got to the docks early to beat traffic and to get situated on the boat before everyone.

The crew was friendly and allowed me to load my gear around 3 pm. After that I chilled out at the dock and had a snack and people watched.

We left the docks around 10:00 pm to fireworks.

I woke up the next day to a greasy calm ocean with a sight breeze that taped off to nothing later in the day which made the drift a little hard to do. Tuna pen.

No love but started the blood going.

We stopped at quite a few patties with fish unfortunately they were only a hand full of fish and the rest would take a hike. That was the story for most of our patty encounters. At one stop we had a fish stay with us and I missed my only chance at a bluefin. She ran straight for the boat and when she was up and down she spit the hook. Iím a farmer, I did not have a proper hook set but another guy (Forgot his name ) hooked and landed his 35# bluefin about the same time I hook up with mine. His bluefin was beautiful. Oh well that is fishing. Btw, that was my mantra. Iíll explain later.

A picture of our tasty breakfast.

So the 1st day was troll and patty hopping.

Lunch. I love pictures when the subject is so expressive! Hi, George!!

I finally land a small yellow and later that day land a nice one.

Fishing this whole trip was so frustrating for me. I could not get bit and everyone next to me was getting hooking up. Thatís fishing! I got so desperate that I rubbed dead sardines on my hand and wiped my line and hooks with it. That didnít help either.

Anyways beggars canít be choosy and Iím happy to at least catch a fish or two.

The next day I had breakfast on the troll with patty and troll fishing for the rest of the day.


Lunch with Castmaster, it was a pleasure getting to know you.

Dinner was good but could have been a little better if the bird was cooked a little long.

The jack pot winner for both days was a gentleman but I for got his name. He caught the only bluefin and on the second day he caught a 32# yellowtail.


All in all, the trip was great. The crew, captains, accommodation, and the people made the trip fun. Remember guys and gals itís only fishing!
Fish til it hurts!

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Old 07-08-2013, 07:43 PM
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Looks like a nice trip.

That guy looks familiar...and in the video. Could it be??

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Old 07-22-2013, 08:17 PM
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Darn, just looking at those pictures of your food is making me hungry.

George, looks like you are not eating enough. You need to pile on seconds too. Come on Tuna belly, you gotta be strong to catch the big fish.

The fish look real big ... been a while since I have been out fishing. Now, I gotta book a trip either in late July or August.

Give me a heads up, which month is better for bigger tuna??? Hey, this was an excellent report and awesome photos too. Keep up the great work.

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Old 07-23-2013, 12:44 PM
Spongerider Spongerider is offline
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Thanks Wardog!
Fish til it hurts!
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