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Default Local tuna

New Lo-An Gets Bluefin Trio Of 170-Plus
Published: May 01, 2018

SAN DIEGO It was mid week when New Lo-An owner Capt. Markus Medak contacted us at WON with word and photos. They had hooked and landed 3 jumbo bluefin, one at 170 pounds, one at 180 and a third at 191, all on the Flat-Fall in the daylight. They also landed a 50-pound fish on the kite.

There continued to be schools of bluefin tuna south of Point Loma from about 30 to at least 80 miles south, with the chances of hooking into the larger models better farther south, according to Medak.

Throughout the week shortfin in the 30- to 70-pound class were in the counts for boats fishing offshore on extended 3/4-day and longer trips. Sunday the New Lo-An was on the board with 27 tuna on a 1.5 dayer. The bulk of the fish was 60 to 70 miles south said Medak, but there were schools all the way up to just below the Coronado Islands.

The bigger fish definitely bit the Flat-Fall better and Medak's anglers fished them on the bigger gear, leading to the landing of most that were hooked. Across the board, the tackle recommendations for these offshore trips included a 25- to 30-pound stick for smaller fish fishing yellows on kelps, a 40- to 50-pound rig for fly-lining baits for the 30- to 70-pound class bluefin, when they'll eat it, and a 60- to 100-pound rig for fishing the 160- to 250-gram Flat-Falls or other heavy iron for the jumbos.

Fluorocarbon leaders were recommended including a short 100- to 130-pound fluoro leader on an 80-pound mono topshot for fishing the iron deep.

Highlights for boats fishing 3/4- and full-day offshore included Friday's score aboard the San Diego, Seaforth Sportfishing, when 36 anglers scored a combined catch of 72 yellowtail, 15 bluefin tuna and 24 bonito.

Over the weekend the bluefin in 3/4-day range were less cooperative as the big bonito went bonkers. These bones were 10-pound class and better and there were scores over 100 per boat on 3/4-day as the northern edge of the massive bonito schools worked into range of even the 1/2-day boats.

The Liberty had 26 yellows and 100 bonito for 36 full-day anglers Sunday. Dragging the jigs, the 1/2-day boat Dolphin put on 3 yellows and 12 bonito. However, most 1/2-day adventures remained focused on rockfish and other bottom biters.

During the week the Liberty had daily shots at the bluefin on their trips offshore, including a 70 pounder caught on a Flat-Fall. Capt. Taro posted, "We did see fish over 100 pounds, so please come prepared with your bigger 60- to 100-pound setups along with your 20- to 40-pound setups."
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