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Front Page Aug 15 - Pac Star trip


Weather was lake like with a mild current. We started out in the overnight range 60-65 miles out. We trolled from patty to patty picking away at the firecracker yellows and a few mahis. Towards the end of the day Tunabelly lands a nice 35-40 Bluefin. A short time later Kenji is almost spooled twice on a toad. Unfortunately the tuna and Kenji parted ways.

Here are some pictures submitted from Luke - Thanks ............. tb


The second day we traveled 60+ miles. The weather had turned snotty overnight. We trolled, and trolled, and trolled, and trolled some more. We ended the day with one lone mahi.

Tommy fixed up Tunabelly's Bluefin for a snack. Sashime, poke, rice and miso soup was enjoyed by all.

The tuna count was low but the attitudes stayed positive. This was an excellent group of anglers to fish with. We'll gettem next time!!

I did not take any pics. If you have any please add to this thread.
Ken - Toadtamer

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