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Front Page Kenji 2nd Memorial Trip - 4/9-10

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Well, it's been 3 hectic weeks since our move to Newport, Oregon but it is time for our 2nd Annual Kenji Memorial trip out of Pierpoint Landing.

I have already made my plane reservations for the trip, as I want to demonstrate my respect and admiration for one of the best fisherman I have ever known.

We need 20 anglers to make this trip a go and Chris advised me that we were 5 anglers short at this time.

Please see if you can get this trip on your schedule. Most of you have fished with Kenji over the years and this trip will be a celebration of all the good he brought into our lives.

This will be my first fishing trip since November '15 and I'm anxious to get back on the water...... again, please see if you can adjust your schedule to make this trip. I look forward to seeing everyone again.......tb


Well, I am still in disbelief that Kenji won't be sharing the rail with us anymore. However, in his memory, I am asking those of you who have any Kenji stories or pictures to please post them here.

I know we will all keep his memory alive everytime we step on a boat.

Here's to Kenji...............

June - '04

Jan. '06

Nov. '06

April '07

April '08

July '08

Nov. '09

Nov. '10

May '11

I will dearly miss you my friend............ calm seas and smooth sailing... and save a place at the bow for me........................ tb

************************************************** *****

Fishing teaches patience, "catching" comes from learning patience....!
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